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A word from the author

Welcome to my website. My name is Frances Benjamin. Recently I was sent home from my job after twenty six years. My employer cited covid 19 as the reason and I didn’t dispute it. Anyway, I refused to let that bring me down although I was fifty, single and with no solid financial prospects. My life wasn’t and still isn’t easy. There were many tragedies, including the murder of my nephew that many took lightly but to my immediate family, it will be something that will forever haunt and torment us. I had a larger than life imagination even as a child and writing has always been an outlet for me to deal with all the upheavals in my life. I saw it as a means of rescuing my beleaguered family, but little did I know that being successful in this field was near impossible. Your story could be compelling and your book well written but I’ve heard that editors can reject your book simply because they don’t like the name of the main character or the pace of your writing. ‘A Persian Matter,’ started back in 1990, when I was twenty one.

I became obsessed with the Gulf war that was happening back then. I had gathered as much information about the war and wrote a crude draft of the story and this book is the result. Since I  NEVER sleep at nights, it took me three months to write it. Being fired afforded me lots of time to indulge in my beloved, eternal hobby of writing. I’ve written three books in my life time, a few short stories and countless other stories in comic form….if you are thinking that I had no friends, you’re right. Didn’t miss having them either. But I will not sit and wait for an international publishing company to decide if they will publish my book or not, especially a book written by a poor, Indian woman from a so-called third world country. I might have a greater chance of becoming the first human to live on Mars. So, I’ve decided to HELP MYSELF and this forum is the result. There are many reasons for the creation of this website and one of them is to promote my work. The cash will also be welcomed as with any venture. I will also be living my life long dream of seeing my work in ‘print.’ I’ve always been a dreamer but as the saying goes, ‘Your dreams should not remain only dreams.’( Raj Suthar, The Dreamers). Let us see where it goes from here. Thank you for your patronage and encouragement and happy reading.

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The two main characters in their bid to stay alive, become emotionally and eventually physically dependent on each other as their fight for survival continues to intensify.


There's a war happening and the main characters are caught up in it. They are fighting for their survival from the opposing military and bombings and criminal elements arising out of the situation.


The book has historical facts about the war that broke out between Kuwait and Iraq in 1990. It was a real war and is now termed as the 'first' Gulf war.

Thank you for filling a niche at an affordable price. Your book was just what I was looking for: each page is mysterious and amazing.
James Francis
James Francis
Social Media Manager
Great book, I love it. I had no regrets downloading your book.
Thomas John
Thomas John
SEO Expert
My heart was touched when I read your book. Its beautiful, I would be happy to recommend 'A Persian Matter' to anyone.
Joanna Hamilton
Joanna Hamilton
Marketing Manager

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A Persian Matter

He was a New Yorker grieving for a foreign city. William stood with his arms on either side of the hotel widow, looking like an angel overseeing the city beneath him. His blue eyes got caught up in the cityscape and how normal it looked but with closer scrutiny, one could see the details of its barbaric decimation and its way of life that was once enjoyed by both countryman and visitor alike. Khaled had invited him up to thank him with the success he had with Nadia’s leg as he finally put on the cast today and somehow got carried away discussing the occupation.

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Persian Matter

She is held as a prisoner in Aziz’s cell, under the suspicion of being a spy, As the war grows more intense, so is their fight for survival, especially from the nefarious, who is intent on destroying Lameah because of her birthright. Feelings for each other, starts to grow like wild fire due to their dependency on each other to stay alive. They are shown no mercy as they become entangled in forbidden emotions and a fight to remain loyal, she, to her faith and he, to his wife.

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